For College Students

Topics for Advanced Placement and University students

Universal Math Solver has the following modules for college and university students and advanced placement math classes:

  • Matrices and Determinants (algebraic operations, the inverse of a matrix, the determinant, rank of a matrix)
  • Run a complete analysis of rational functions with derivatives
  • Differentiation (partial differentiation) of any functions
  • Graphing of any functions

In the module “Matrices and Determinants” you can find:

  • Linear Combination of several Matrices of the same size
  • Product of two Matrices
  • A Square Matrix to the n-th (natural number) Power
  • Determinant of the Matrix using Gauss algorithm
  • Determinant of the Matrix using Laplace expansion
  • Determinant of the Matrix using Sarrus’ rule
  • Rank of Matrix
  • Inverse of Matrix using Determinant
  • Inverse of Matrix using Gauss-Jordan Method

Complete analysis of rational functions includes:

  • Domain and Range of functions
  • x-intercepts and y-intercepts
  • Symmetry
  • Points of discontinuity
  • Vertical asymptotes
  • Horizontal asymptotes
  • Relative extrema
  • Concavity
  • Points of inflection

The distinctive features of UMS software in contrast to other software:

  • Complete step by step explanation of the analysis of the function.
  • Output of the complete table of the results of the analysis (exactly as provided in Calculus courses).
  • Automatic scaling of plot, so that all the critical plotting points and aspects of the graph are demonstrated.
  • Complete demonstration of critical aspects of the function (extrema, asymptotes, inflection points, etc.)

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