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Why UMS is better?

Comparing Universal Math Solver to other leading math software giving step by step solutions

In every mathematical topic covered by Universal Math Solver, the software can solve and present a step by step solution to any problem, regardless of how complex the problem is. All our competitors can only solve a limited subgroup of fairly simple problems in every area.

Compare how different math topics are covered by our competition:

Compare how different math problems are solved by our competition:

These competing solvers either cannot solve these very elementary problems or worse yet, give incorrect or incomplete answers. Would you trust these programs with your complex homework?


UMS works like a “live” teacher. It allows for entering the problem in the same format as it written in a notebook and then presents a step by step solution accompanied by the voice of a professional teacher (available in 7 languages).


UMS can create a problem similar to one just presented to it by a user. Unlike other educational math programs that just have large collections from a particular topic, UMS can create a problem that utilizes the exact same mathematical concepts; no more and no less than the one just presented to it.


UMS offers an absolutely Free Algebra Equation Solver – our software with “Equations” section enabled. It will solve all you equations and systems of equations. There is no registration required nor there is a time limit.

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