Watch how UMS solves various math problems

Equation Step by Step
UMS solves an equation

System of inequalities
UMS solves a system of inequalities step by step

Numeric simplification
UMS solves numeric simplification step by step

UMS solves simplification step by step

UMS solves factoring step by step

UMS solves inequality step by step

Analysis of a function
UMS analyzes a function with an aid of derivatives

Limit value
UMS finds a limit value

UMS finds a derivative step by step

Graph of a function
UMS graphs a function with automatic plot scaling

Matrix algebra
UMS solves matrix algebra problem step by step

UMS solves trigonometric expression step by step

Simplification with radicals
UMS simplifies an expression with radicals

Sum of values
UMS calculates Sum of values

Table of values
UMS builds a table of function values

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