For Math Teachers

UMS is a teacher’s assistant

Universal Math Solver is a teacher’s assistant!

  • No need to waste time looking up answers to assignments or pre-solving them yourself. Whether checking assignments or exams, UMS provides and prints detailed solutions for you!
  • UMS can be used to generate homework and test materials with an unlimited number of similar versions.
  • Students can use UMS to generate their own math problems, which can then be exchanged and solved by other students – providing a stimulating homework assignment.
  • UMS contains a database intended for input, editing, grouping and sorting a collection of math examples and problems. UMS Online also collects a variety of problems that have been solved in different countries, groups them by topic and sorts by 4 levels of difficulty, allowing you access to yet more problems.
  • UMS helps you to teach more efficiently. Use UMS in the classroom with a remote control and laser pointer and spend your time explaining the problems, not scrawling on the chalkboard.
  • Sometimes there are mistakes in the school textbooks. UMS can help identify these mistakes.

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