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UMS is a great tool for middle and high school students. It works like a private tutor who answers all questions a student can ask. So it can be useful to students with some difficulties in mathematics as well as to smart students because one can start from his or her own level and the explanations of the proposed solutions are always very clear. It can also be useful for university freshmen in order to fix some gaps in their mathematical knowledge. Also as a calculator UMS is very interesting because besides the computation it gives estimation of solution accuracy, thus forcing the user to pay attention to this aspect often overlooked by students. The editor is really user-friendly and requires no extra work to learn how to use the tool. I think that it is overall better than other systems I saw.

Dr. Alessandra Cherubini

Professor, Department of Mathematics “Francesco Brioschi” Politecnico di Milano. Milan, Italy

I am a mathematics teacher and an author of school math study guides. I have been using the Universal Math Solver software daily for several years. This software proved to be a great help in preparing my lessons and writing math workbooks. It combines a wide coverage of school level math topics with an ability to show detailed step-by-step solutions. It is able to solve problems of different levels of complexity and contains a sortable and editable database for every math topic. This software is truly unique!

I would like to congratulate the developers for creating such a useful educational tool.

Irina Slonimskaya

Mathematics teacher, School #1329. Moscow, Russia

Any school or university teacher knows that educational success is determined by how well the students are able to apply their skills to solve real problems. Therefore, practice is very important. Universal Math Solver software can generate an unlimited number of math problems with different levels of complexity geared towards math curricula from elementary school through the second year of university. The user enters the problem and receives not only an answer, but a step-by-step explanation of the solution. In addition, UMS software helps in creating exercises, tests and study materials. It makes the teacher’s work significantly easier and more efficient.

The creators of the software are paying particular attention to the methods used to arrive at the solutions and how these solutions are presented to the students. The software not only solves the problems, but displays the solutions in a form that is the easiest for students to understand. Therefore, the software is very suitable for self-study and for learning different methods of solving math problems.

One feature that sets the UMS software apart is its ability to present step-by-step solutions for advanced school levels math problems. This makes UMS a truly unique product in the crowded field of math educational software.

Dr. Grigory Mashevitzky

Professor, Department of Mathematics, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Beer-Sheba, Israel

The software package Universal Math Solver is very useful for students since it is very easy to use and provides step by step solutions of math problems. Moreover, in many cases, Universal Math Solver gives better solutions than other computer algebra systems.

Dr. Yanfeng Luo

Professor, Chairman of the Institute of Fundamental Mathematics Vice President of Graduate School, Lanzhou University. Lanzhou, Gansu, China

Dear colleagues at UMS, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your extraordinary work in creating the Universal Math Solver software. I use it regularly. During the process of writing textbooks and practice materials, UMS software significantly simplifies the task of creating problems and making sure the solutions are correct. What I am able to accomplish daily would be impossible without UMS. I am impressed with your software every time I use it. The only suggestion would be to add the ability to copy complex formulas from MS Word into UMS. But as it is, the software is an innovation and a great help. I wish you great success in your work.

Dr. A. C. Levin

Professor, Tallinn University of Technology. Tallinn, Estonia

I have been positively impressed both by the mathematical strength of UMS and by its pedagogical features. Not only UMS solves various problems in algebra and calculus but it really teaches how such problems should be solved, providing detailed and accurate step-by-step explanations. Thus, USM behaves like an experienced and patient teacher who never gets tired and is available every time you need a lesson.

Dr. Mikhail Volkov

Professor and Department Chair, Ural Federal University. Ekaterinburg, Russia

I am truly impressed with the many types of problems and calculations UMS can handle. Explanations to solutions are very detailed and easy to follow. UMS will be a very handy tool for both students and teachers from secondary to undergraduate level.

Dr. Edmond W.H. Lee

Associate Professor, Nova Southeastern University. Florida, USA

Over the last 25 years, one of the main foci of mathematical education research and practice is the development of digital tools of mathematics pedagogy aimed at their appropriate use in various in-school and after school activities. The Universal Math Solver (UMS) developed in St Petersburg, Russia, is among the most impressive tools of that kind available nowadays worldwide. This development was due to the rich culture of mathematics education in Russia that goes back to the 1930s when many prominent mathematicians understood the importance of fostering mathematical intelligence of pupils beginning from the primary level. This work with schoolchildren has accumulated many advanced curriculum materials in mathematics that, nowadays, can be taught to all students with the help of technology. There are several educational domains where the UMS can enhance already existing approaches to mathematics teaching and learning. One such domain is the use of online forums (known as Web 2.0 technology application) through which students (including those at the tertiary level) can get help with homework. The UMS can either be integrated with such forums or serve as an independent alternative avenue for students’ thorough interaction with a digital tutor. The tool can also be used in mathematics teacher education programs, especially in the context of learning the skill of mathematical problem posing. This may include posing problems with “more than one correct answer” or those with friendly solutions and nice looking answers. One of the great values of the UMS is that its creators are professional mathematicians with authentic experience in advanced school mathematics. This experience enabled the UMS to position itself at the forefront of the modern developments in technology-enabled mathematics pedagogy.

Dr. Sergei Abramovich

Professor, State University of New York. Potsdam, NY, USA

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