We are a team of mathematicians and professional math teachers

The Universal Math Solver Team

The Universal Math Solver Team is one of the leading Russian companies among the firms-developers of computer programs devoted to physics and mathematics.

The company was founded by scientists and professional teaching staff in 1997. The development of our projects has involved the combined efforts of talented programmers, postgraduate students from St. Petersburg and Baltic State Universities, and dedicated scientists, professors and teachers. The main project of the company is the UMS – Universal Math Solver software, which we have been working on from the inception of the company to the present day.

How the UMS Team is different from other Education Technology companies

Passion and lifetime work

We are a team of mathematicians and professional math educators. Mathematics is not just a profession for the members of our team, but is our passion and lifetime work. Our founders are not only world renowned mathematicians but also professional math teachers with many years of experience and award winning students.

Believe in quality not quantity

We believe in quality, not quantity. All the math topics that we developed are suitable for any student, from beginner to the most advanced. We employ state-of-the-art math algorithms that required a very high level of scientific research. We do not try to fit a problem into a pre-made template and just give up if it does not fit. Each topic contains hundreds of algorithms that are able to solve math problems of any level of complexity.

We get results

We get results. Practice makes perfect and we have developed software that makes practicing easy and accessible. Our solutions use school methods only, in a form the easiest for students to understand. So you can practice together with your UMS tutor as little or as much as you wish and as often as you wish. UMS will always be there to help you with your homework.

Unconditional money back

We offer absolutely Free Algebra Equation Solver that will solve your equations and systems of equations. It does not require registration. Take it for a test drive.

We guarantee our work, with 14 days unconditional money back. We can do this because we know that as long as a topic is covered, we will solve any problem no matter how complicated. If you decide that UMS did not meet your expectations we will refund your money – no questions asked.

Our Values


We are passionate about math but we are also serious about customer service. We want you to enjoy your math homework, so we will make it as easy for you as possible. If you need help with set up, your homework or with transforming your word problem into a form solvable by UMS, just send us an email.


We are committed to keeping UMS the most powerful educational math solver available. Our research is never done and we are constantly improving the solver algorithms.


We are passionate about education. We believe that everyone deserves a good math teacher. We are committed to making UMS accessible to everyone

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