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CNET Download Editors’ Review: “… As an educational tool, Free Universal Algebra Equation Solver is excellent, maybe even essential. The explanations and commentaries it provides make it much more than a simple calculating engine. It can help you understand algebra, not just get past it.”

What others are saying:

Dr. Alessandra Cherubini

UMS is a great tool for middle and high school students. It works like a private tutor who answers all questions a student can ask…

Irina Slonimskaya

I am a mathematics teacher and an author of school math study guides. I have been using the Universal Math Solver software daily for several years…

Dr. Grigory Mashevitzky

One feature that sets the UMS software apart is its ability to present step-by-step solutions for advanced school levels math problems. This makes UMS a truly unique product in the crowded field of math educational software…

Dr. Yanfeng Luo

The software package Universal Math Solver is very useful for students since it is very easy to use and provides step by step solutions of math problems…

Dr. A. C. Levin

Dear colleagues at UMS, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your extraordinary work in creating the Universal Math Solver software. I use it regularly…

Dr. Mikhail Volkov

Not only UMS solves various problems in algebra and calculus but it really teaches how such problems should be solved, providing detailed and accurate step-by-step explanations…

Dr. Edmond W.H. Lee

I am truly impressed with the many types of problems and calculations UMS can handle. Explanations to solutions are very detailed and easy to follow…

Dr. Sergei Abramovich

One of the great values of the UMS is that its creators are professional mathematicians with authentic experience in advanced school mathematics…

How it works


UMS solves a homework math problem. The problem is entered by the user.


UMS solves math problem from the Internet. The problem is copied from a website.

For Students:

Get to the top of your math class


UMS solves all problems using classroom methods as teacher would


UMS provides help with math homework – solves problems that you enter


UMS is a tutor – it can create problems similar to the last solved


UMS has a collection of Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry problems


UMS is a math coach – compare your solutions to confirm answers


UMS is user friendly – no need to read long help files, start immediately

For Parents:

Stop looking for your old math textbook
Your child deserves a private tutor

How often have your children asked you to help them with their math homework? With UMS you will type in the problem to be solved, and receive the complete solution that you can then explain step by step to your child. You can also use UMS to check your child’s answers to make sure they are correct.

UMS offers you the services of a private math tutor at just a fraction of the cost!

For Teachers:

Save time – generate solutions, homework assignments and tests

UMS provides and prints detailed solutions for you

UMS generates homework and test materials

Students can use UMS to generate their own problems
UMS contains sorted an editable database of math problems
Use UMS in the classroom with a remote control and laser pointer
UMS can help identify mistakes in math textbooks

What Is Covered

Matrix algebra
Right Triangle
Complex Numbers

Calculus-Analysis of a function
Trigonometric Expressions
Diagrams for statistical series
Calculator with guaranteed accuracy
Free Algebra Equation Solver

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